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Canmore was historically the place that travellers passed through when travelling east to west, or vice versa. In 1988 with the advent of the Winter Olympics the world finally began to take notice of Canmore, with its fabulous Nordic Centre constructed for some of the events.

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Since that time, Canmore has blossomed into a major hub for tourists, athletes, businesses, and people who just want to enjoy the mountains.

No-one can visit Canmore without falling in love with its scenery and relaxed lifestyle. As a result of this, with its mountain location and laid back feel, the services that Canmore can offer to the Bow Valley and its visitors make it a popular destination for tourists, seasonal workers, and of course residents.

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Whatever you want, it's almost certain that Canmore can provide it, you only have to look or ask, including a world class array of health & wellbeing services.

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