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Canada Olympic Park

Canada Olympic Park (C.O.P.) is a highly visible legacy of the XV Olympic Winter Games held in Calgary in 1988. It is a real one-of-a-kind attraction for both visitors and Calgarians.

Located just 60 minutes (weather permitting) east of Canmore on Trans-Canada Highway #1 the C.O.P. functions as a multi-purpose competition, training and recreation area designed for year round use by atheletes and the general public, something that is unique from most Olympic venues.

C.O.P has the second largest snow academy in Canada, and lessons and programs are available in all of the sports taking place at C.O.P.

There are also introductory programs for the public to allow them to experience the heart pounding thril of the bobsleigh, luge and skeleton. The Ice House is where the Jamaican bobsleigh team made their Olympic debut, and anyone who's watched Cool Runnings, the 1993 film starring John Candy, will sympathise with the team when faced for the first time with the bobsleigh run up real close to it.

You may also have the opportunity to see Canada's world and Olympic champion sliding athletes in training, such as Pierre Lueders, Duff Gibson, Jeff Pain and Mellisa Hollingsworth-Richards.

Nearly 300,000 skiers and snowboarders make use of C.O.P every year, and with floodlight slopes the day doesn't have to end when the sun goes down.

But skiing and snowboarding is not all that's available at C.O.P. The Olympic Hall of Fame & Museum can provide an entertaining break for skiers or riders looking for a rest from their exertions, or for members of the group who aren't that keen on taking part in snow sports, or you can even bring along Grandma for the day.

And of course don't forget the ski jump towers. A glass elevator will take you to the observation level of the 90m tower, the very tower that Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards sat at the top of for 45 minutes before he finally made his first ever jump from a tower that high. Not only will you get the feeling of height, and a spectacular view of Calgary and the Rocky Mountains, but you'll also get a feeling of awe for Eddie's courage and great competitors spirit.

For more information visit the Canada Olympic Park website.

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